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The Community Free Clinic (CFC) was formed in response to a growing need in our community to provide free medical care, dental care, and prescription medication for low income residents of Morgan county. The original steering committee, consisting of health care professionals and community leaders, conducted a needs assessment and brought key people and groups together in support of the establishment of the Clinic. Local physicians and Hospitals embraced the idea. The Clinic is valued as a resource to care for those who cannot afford health insurance. It is also a valuable resource which helps alleviate the strain on our hospital system caused by individuals not having access to preventative primary care and other related services.

Since opening in 2004, the Clinic has expanded to include services such as dental care, counseling, and gynecology. There have been more than 3000 patient visits every year. This amazing service is made possible by the dedication of volunteers. The Clinic utilizes volunteers for almost every aspect of operation. There is a place for just about everyone to help through volunteering or providing other types of support for the Clinic.